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Nicely I was surprised that so quickly she had prepared herself. I didn't still drink up browara, when stopped in the door of the living room, was based with hand against the casing, looked at me with the humorous coquetry and the charming move moved the leg ahead.
- And how do I look? - asked. - can be?
- Perhaps - I threw indifferently, as if for her the appearance made no impression on me and as if I confirmed only for in order to prevent her for further dressing up oneself.

In fact my cock immediately saluted for her clothes. She got lost like to some ball, rather than to the ordinary party of secondary-school pupils. But well, such girls are already - aren't missing the chance for showing off garments and their allures. She was dressed in the chic, beige dress with thin straps, revealing the neckline and shoulders, but the view of the lower part of her body simply triggered vertigo at me. Thighs weren't covered even up to the half, but the thanks for indenting the dress aside, it was possible from my place to see this leg which so picturesquely she moved ahead, literally in one piece.


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